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Welcome to our Forum topic

Server Status

[Open Beta]

ip: play.volt-mine.com

Server information

This is Hexxit Survival server, with raiding and griefing.

We have friendly admins and players. Our goal is

to strive to give you, the players the most of the Hexxit

experience in our server. From raiding dungeons, and

completing battle castles to killing the Twilight Lich with

your friends! We currently have 80 slots, and we will

upgrade once we feel we need to. And we also

always listen to the players suggestions for the

server, as we are always open for new ideas!

Server Rules

1 Be respectful to players and admins.

2 Be ethical.

3 Dont hack/mods (Optifine is allowed).

4 Griefing is allowed to an extend. DO NOT completly destroy a

home for no reason.

+No 1x1 Towers

5 Raiding is allowed.

6 DO NOT complain if you have been griefed/raided.

7 DO NOT abuse glitches and or exploits.

8 DO NOT ask for ranks.

9 Have fun.


[Coming Soon!]

Server Staff

[super Admin] Frostfire1569

[super Admin] Kouragous

[Admin] ------

[Moderator] numbsmile09, JrZyxCoMmanDR

Closed Beta Testers









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Are you guys high? This server is a joke seriously. And saying that your going to make it global? First of all, You didnt warn me ONCE! Second of all How was I hacking? You might be wondering, Why do I care if im banned? Well you are going to fucking make it global. So yeah, Unrightfully banned just for speaking out my mind. Because one of your admins came to my base in gm 1 and spawned a bunch of skeletons that attacked me, And blamed me for coming outside when I was clearly already outside. People these days

local 4651821 play.volt-mine.com kouragous admin disrespect, warned 3 times. hacking, and complaining. 2013-08-01 5:57:55 pm

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Alright lets clear this up. I clearly told you that if you wanted to to come outside to check out my skeleton army. You CHOSE to come outside. Those mobs were passive, they would not have attacked you, but they did because you attacked them. After you have been attacked by the skeletons (because you attacked them) I healed you so it was like nothing happened. Then, you lied to an Admin about having a door which was never there, WHICH I offered to replace. And you also even insulted me a couple times AND I warned you 3 times. I have proof that you were also inside your base, safe before I spawned the skeletons from 3 admins. So thats another lie. This ban may be made global because just a threat for DDoS is an instant global ban w/proof which we are getting. And in addition to that NoCheatPlus showed that you have attempted to hack 25+ plus times, with Fly, and Godmore, and such. Which also hacking can result in a global ban.

Thank you, have a nice day.


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First of all you cant even hack in hexxit. Unless you are a tech nerd that creates hacks. Second of all, There was a door there ask xeno. And second of all there were no DDoS Threats dude. I recorded right after I got banned and there was no hacks, I would be glad to show the the footage. Oh and fyi there was a door there heres proof: 2z897cz.png

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First of all there are private hacked clients for hexxit. The door is not clear enough, and this picture was taken a long time ago, so when I came there, there was no door. And there was DDoS threats , we have a recording of it, and you were looking up our IP, which infact traced back to your state, because our server hosting goes to you. There IS audio proof.

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*SERVER DOWN* Sorry for the inconvience the server should be up tomorrow around NOON EST( Eastern Standard Time ) due to server matinence. We are also experiencing some technical issues with the new world porting over. Again, I am deeply sorry for this.

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