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Hexxit Forge Mod Loader problem Dx


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Ok so I click on technic launcher and it loads fine but then when I click on Hexxit and "launch". It loads like a couple seconds and then this screen pops up and says:

Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation

You have mod sources that are duplicate within your system

Mod Id: File name

ProjectZulu|Blocks : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip

ProjectZulu|Books : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8

ProjectZulu|Core : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip

ProjectZulu|Core : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8

ProjectZulu|Dungeon : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8.zip

ProjectZulu|Dungeon : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8

ProjectZulu|Mobs : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8

ProjectZulu|Mobs : ProjectZuluCompletev.

ProjectZulu|World : ProjectZuluCompletev1.0.3.8


PLEASE if you know anything about this problem please reply !~

P.S. When I clicked on Hexxit it wasnt my first time getting on Hexxit I have been playing Hexxit for the last couple weeks.

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