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Hello guys, my friends and I started a Tekkit Lite world today, and I went in into a new dimension that I created. It crashed the server and now when I try to join I get an Internal Server Error. I deleted the new world in the world folder. But I am still "stuck". I really wanted to play and don't feel like restarting. So can someone please help?

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i recently had the same trouble with my friends server, what he did was remove the dimensional doors mod and all the old dimensional doors data

(not sure what folder he went into he didn't say)

this solved the problem, this we found after discovering an area FULL of rifts, about 100 endermen in the area at the same time, and they made a hell of a mess :/

this is so far the only solution i know since it is related to other dimensions, hope this helps :D *thumbs up*

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