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Hello im new here and i wanna ask someting.

So i play hexxit for a while and in my world it is going fantastic!

But then.. my computer crashed. It wasnt hexxit what crashed but really my own computer.

I think it cames because it is very hot outside and my camcorder was laying on my PC too.

Well it chrashed and only the thing what you can do then is pulling the plug out.

And.. my whole Hexxit world was gone.. least.. in Hexxit, but when i look into my

.technic/hexxit/saves/(worldname) it is still in there!! but when i launch the technic launcher and look in Sinlplayer worlds it isnt in there..

well after doin random things in the world folder. it came up in the technic launcher. i opened the world, and it was the same world as before, my chest where just good, the loot wasnt gone.but there is 1 that is gone.. my inventory.. yep all what i had in my inventory is just.. GONE!

so here is my question: what file in a hexxit/saves/(worldname) folder is the file that changes your INVENTORY!!

thanks xXJoeriGamerXx

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