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Still can't load hexxit!!

Jasmine Noden

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I started a thread saying that I couldn't load hexxit. It all started fine, but the screen went away about 5 seconds after the hello screen finished loading. (on a mac)

Someone told me that if I had updated to Java 7 then I should update LWJGL to 2.9.0. I was sure I had Java 7 so i updated to 2.9.0 LWJGL. Only thing is, it still didn't work.

My technic folder is in my ./library/application support, do I need to move it? what do I do, HELP!!!

EDIT- thanks, it worked!! NOw any suggestions on the continuous lag, bearable but annoying?

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Your technic folder should stay right where it is. How exactly did you update LWJGL? There should be a bin folder inside the Hexxit folder, with 3 jar files that need updating and an entire natives folder.

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