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safe to update galacticraft?


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i am quite new to tekkit but absolutely love it. i have found an incredible map and intend to stick with it for some time. thus, updating to a newer version of the pack i figure is out of the question if i dont want to start a new map. is this true?

secondly, i notice when i log in to a new game it notifies me of a newer version of galacticraft. is it safe for me to update this or do i need to stay on the current version for tekkit to work?


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are you playing on a server or single-player? To the best of my knowledge, in either way it is possible to just bring along your map. I did it for our server, at least.

Galacticraft is different; updating it might require updating the Minecraft version and certainly would have potential repercussions for other mods. If you feel comfortable with trying it, testing it, and maybe making some modifications to block IDs, etc. then you might go for it. But you'd want to make sure whatever version of Galacticraft works with Minecraft 1.5.2 (if you're running Tekkit 1.1.5) or Minecraft 1.5.1 (if you're running Tekkit 1.0.6).

For me it's easier to just let the smart and talented folks who have put it together update it when the time is right... but that's partly because I just don't have the time to really dig into it to know what's what.

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i am running 1.0.6 - i have managed to get mocreatures and optifine working with it - but not sure i want to mess around too much more as it is all working so well.

but maybe ill do a backup and give it a go. i guess it depends on how many changes / features it has added - tho tbh i havent even thought of building a rocket yet as ive only just created my first quarry!

actualy i have just looked through the files and it seems quite a complicated process. think i will leave it to the experts!

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