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Hexxit problems. Can't move.


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You playing on a Mac? There's been an annoying bug for quite some time, with any version of Minecraft, where the keyboard input stops working right after joining a server or starting a a single player world. Command + Tab out of minecraft, so that the esc menu displays, then mouse over the window and click it again and keep playing. Repeat whenever you start playing.

AFAIK, this isn't a bug specific to Hexxit, or even any of the Technic mod packs. It's an issue with minecraft, or possibly the version of LWJGL used. Annoying, but you should only have to command + tab right as you start playing a session, shouldn't need to do it again until you've actually disconnected from the server or possibly even quit the application entirely.

If you're not using a Mac, I've got no idea. Try Alt + Tab for Windows and do the same thing, otherwise, good luck.

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