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My opinion about big dig :) (and a couple of problems)


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Hello peeps,

Three weeks ago I downloaded the technic launcher, I played tekkit for a while but after a while I got bored because of the endless mining. Thats why I decided to download a couple more packs. Thats how I came to big dig. And I have to say "Wow this is the most awesome 'version' of minecraft I have ever seen!". It has so many extra things to craft and things to do that I dont know why this is'nt the real minecraft instead of vanilla mc. I love playing this mod and in particular the relatively short mining time. Even though you find ores quite easy it is still awesome to open your diamond chest and see all kinds of ingots and even a respectable amount of diamond. While scrolling through the list you see all kinds of machines passing by, more than you could ever think of yourselves. This mod is so frikkin awesome!! I play it for hours and hours and there has'nt been a second I was bored. I think this mod is never going to be boring. It is clearly the best modpack.

But I also encountered some troubles that I would really like to see solved in the next update. The first problem is that sometimes the crafting table screen is not showing the crafting screen but is only showing a white screen. You are still able to craft but it makes it very difficult.

The second problem is that nether sapphire ores aren't of any use.

The third problem is not fixable in an update but is a problem I have with big dig. That problem is that big dig crashes very often. Sometimes with a "minecraft has crashed" error, sometimes with the "minecraft has ran out of memory" error, and sometimes it just shuts down for no reason. This is the most annoying problem because big dig takes long to launch. It crashes at a total random rate. Sometimes it lasts for two hours but sometimes it crashes nine times an hour. I'm playing on a multiplayer server which I host. The hosting computer is the same as the computer I play big dig from.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?



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Have you switched increase perm gen on? (There is a guide to do this in the sticked post at the top of this forum) It will probably fix the first and third issues.

The second is probably just something has been missed out of the config files for nether ores. I've never taken a look at these config files, but if you take a look at this you can probably disable it yourself.

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