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  1. What version of Biomes O' Plenty did you install? I can't seem to find a version for 1.4.7. My guess it's this and you'll just need to remove it.
  2. Yeah it's not naturally spawning. The wiki page here explains what to do.
  3. I think we're going to start seeing Buildcraft as much less of a staple mod within packs than it has been in the past. (For example, remember the days when a pack without IC2 was blasphemous). Even prior to TE 3, I can't remember the last time I actually incorporated BC into one of my builds (other than obviously relying on MJ - none of my machines or anything came from BC though).
  4. Your point in your OP about checking each mod update before installing is definitely a good thing. Same principal applies to modpacks. Usually changelogs will say if it is a world breaking update, This is especially true when running your own modpack/server, but still true for single player (though not as serious, since - like you did - you can just cheat the lost items back in).
  5. I believe (and I could be completely wrong) but the features you describe were added in later versions of tinker's construct. BigDig is still using an older version.
  6. Belone


    I presume in your last post you're asking does something happen when you pull the plug out of your PC whilst Hexxit is running? This is very likely to cause severe problems no matter what is running at the time you pull the plug out. Best case scenario:- Uninstall Java then download (from www.java.com) and reinstall it again, this might restore. Worst case scenario:- You've ruined your PC and will either need to reinstall the Operating System or replace the hard disk. I apologise if I've misunderstood your problem, it wasn't very well written, but for any problem with Java m
  7. This is something you need to do. Right click the file > Select Properties > Select Permissions Tab > Check Allow executing file as program.
  8. What version of the texture pack are you downloading? Bear in mind that the latest BDcraft texture pack is for MC 1.7.2 Also the default BDCraft Texture pack doesn't come with support for mods (you need to add "patches" to the texture pack).
  9. B: Apparently the other wons - I haven't heard of this mod but I'm guessing it's perhaps some sort of racing mod that you can win? C: Welcome to the internet.
  10. I'd personally say your biggest stumbling block would be the version of Java on the school's PCs. Back when I used to support schools' IT, there was a requirement (due to other software) for Java to not be upgraded beyond 5u17 (though that was a few years ago now and is probably higher now). While it is possible to have two versions of Java installed on a machine it's fiddly and, personally, if I was asked to install the latest just so the kids could play Minecraft in their free time, then I wouldn't - but your school's IT admin might be nicer than I am. If you could get past the Java stum
  11. The answer to both of these is laziness. Though bonemealing works in the first case, unless of course you're creating a modpack for MC 1.5+ then unfortunately it may require several pieces of bonemeal to fully mature.
  12. I don't actually play Tekkit so may not be of much help, but regarding your query about other mods that may have their ore gen switched off, you want to check in the COFH World config file. At the bottom of this will be listed all the custom ores that COFH is generating (Uranium is probably in there). You can check then to see if these other ores are actually spawning. ps. As I said I don't play Tekkit, I'm only going off the way CanVox configured BigDig (which I have played extensively), and I'm presuming he did the same here.
  13. Personally I prefer Mystcraft (which is already in the pack), yes it's a bit more complicated and longer game, but is much more customisable.
  14. Plus those Openblock tanks look so cool, archways of lava... yes please :-P
  15. Could be that the server is struggling with something at the moment. Is it's CPU/RAM usage unusually high at the moment?
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