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Help me please :D


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I'm not sure if this is the right area to post this in but I am looking for some help. I'm relatively new to MC and Voltz and have been enjoying it but I have come to realise that I need to add a couple more mods to my Voltz server. I just tried instaling the new update for railcraft but my server kept crashing and I tried to install Buildcraft and the server kept saying I was missing Buildcraft:Silicon:3.4.3 Buildcraft:Core:3.4.3 Buildcraft:Energy:3.4.3 Buildcraft:builders:3.4.3 and Buildcraft:factory:3.4.3.

I'm not sure how to install these mods and how to install any other mods without it crashing on me.

Please please please help if you can.

Also please bear in mind you'll need to speak in lamens terms.

Thank you in advance guys.


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Ouch. First and foremost, making your own modpack is NOT supported by Voltz. It's its own modpack, and extra complications from your modpack can cause problems with Voltz stability as a whole.

That said, I'd look up Youtube videos on making your own modpacks, as well as review the requirements listed on the mod's website(s). There's a lot that cover set up and configuration of mods, including what versions of each mod are compatible with what version of Minecraft. You should be able to resolve most of the problems through some research into required resources and known conflicts. Also, look at some modpacks that have both of those already installed. What are their configuration files set up as?

Also, the stuff that you are looking at is not simple materials. You WILL need to understand how to use configuration files and and how to resolve block id conflicts.

Finally, if you have a specific error, I suggest adding it to pastebin so that we can look into it further.

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