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Some starting mod questions


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Hey everyone! I've been playing around with the modpacks in technic for a while and I'm going to start making my own mods. I have fairly extensive experience in java and bukkit plugins, but I still need to try my hand at modding. If you could answer some questions it would help me in the right direction.

Should I just avoid normal modding and learn how to use forge? I don't know how limiting it is or exactly how much normal modding conflicts are a problem. Also, how easy or useful would it be to get mods into a technic pack? I'd be interested in working in one of the teams by coding or something else.

I'll be making a simple mod to start out with, that adds cave wood and special uses for it. The textures might look better if I could get an artist to help me, but I can probably manage myself.

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With forge: Your mod works with others.

Without forge: Your mod better be pretty impressive because it won't work with anything else without major effort on your part.

An alternative would be making a bukkit plugin. You can't add any new blocks, items, or entities, but you can still do a lot just messing with game behavior. Just look at mcmmo, towny/factions, and the various economy plugins.

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