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Map writer and underground maps.


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OK...77 people have looked at this and NOT One person can help? Here is the deal, I was working in a cave and set up a little area with ovens, chests, crafting table and had LOTS of stuff stored. Well like an idiot, I left the area and did not set a map point....Now I can not find the stuff....as with a lot of Minecraft peoples, I am a little OCD and this is making me crazy! Help please?

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In Game Key Bindings:

  • 'n' toggles mini-map between normal, hidden, and underground.
  • 'm' opens/closes the interactive map GUI.
  • ',' toggles which marker group is shown.
  • '.' teleports to nearest visible marker in the direction you are facing.
  • 'page up' zooms out.
  • 'page down' zooms in.

Good luck with that.

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