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A million different ways to make "power"


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Ok, so I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere but I cant find it. I want to take a look at the vast array of ways to make MC MJ and EU. I have my own modpack thats based on Tekkit Lite, but with RailCraft (and a zillion other mods). I am just curious, with Thermal Expansion, RailCrafts's steam Engines & Boilers, Lava Fabricators, Oil Fabricators, Solar, GeoThermal, Wind, Water and the Power Converters mod, the possibilities and just endless, where do I start ? I'd like to produce MJ and EU. Is a piece of coal better spent in a normal generator, a stirling Engine, a hobbyist steam engine, a small boiler, a low pressure 3x3 boiler, a high pressure 2x2 boiler ? Should I make EU with the turbine system or with Power Converters ? Should I fabricate lava for Geo-Gens ? Is there a spreadsheet somewhere for things like this ?

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Well, you can visit the mod's wiki:




Thermal ExpansionBut using a similar set of mods, here goes my power creation options:

MJ: 2 Coke ovens make coal coke which is mannualy put in a 8 LP boiler with golden waterproof pipes into 64 hobbyist steam engines and an industrial steam engine connecting to redstone conduits to an energy cell connecting to my 4 thermal expansion machines, 3 forrestry machines and a rolling machine.

For the creosote oil it generates, I bucket it into a 8 LP liquid boiler connected to some golden pipes into the engines.

Disadvantage: you need tons of coal

EU: 4 windmills ( Cheap and power efficient) with tin cable connected to a batbox, 4 LV solar arrays and 1 Hybrid solar panel ( think MV array at day, LV array at night) with glass fibre connected to my MFSU connected to all my machines.

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