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  1. I actualy have 3 regular characters, so let's go over it: Vitorsly Cooperbuscus: 1985, slowly sailing in from deep space to the solar system a ship of Sirens (2 meter-tall winged humanoids of amazing beauty, who have roamed inter-stellar space for over 10,000 years)aproaches the planet of earth. After experimenting with the human genome for 12 years, they drop the first succesful Human-Siren Hybrid cell into the uterus of a human woman who, in 19 July 1997 was born as a human with an abnormally well connected brain. Years pass as he forms a secret laboratory, teaches his younger brother on the ways of science, forms a Mega-Corporation (MetaCorp) and manages to create portals into 4 different solar systems. When he's not waging war against Constructo (another corporation created by his backstabbing younger brother know as Mikel) and Finish ( a team of ancient powerful aliens, crazed timelords, giant mechs and jealous Youtube editors and lead by a British bigot names Charles) or trying to develop Anti-Matter/Strange Matter alloys powered by Nitron he is an average teen going to school and surfing the web. Commander Thundersock: A Raccon(read about the origin of spacefaring raccoons at http://forums.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/raccoons-and-pandas-origins.3799/ ) residing in Calen ( one of the planets owned by MetaCorp) he is a ruthless general who coomands the raccons of Calen back into their home planet and defeat the red pandas. Goblin 377: Maybe Later.
  2. It works for you as a cook (under the name of "Technic Luncher") but is very bad at making food so you die of food poisoning. I wish I was the best man in the next marriage that happens.
  3. You get the ability to launch meteorites into the earth in a specific angle. Everytime a meteorite the size of America hits the earth the day increases by a few microseconds. By overusing this power you destroy the world trying to make the day 1 second longer. I wish for cereals
  4. You can control the cloud. Unfortunatly, to control it you have to never speak, write, gesture or type again. DOUBLE NINJA: You can control you sleep at will, but unfortunatly, due to the level of concentration required to control sleep, your sleep is actualy more exhausting than being awake, and you die of restlessness. I wish I was the richest man in a country featuring only me.
  5. You think about something but just before wirting your brilliant Idea down, you are teleported 20 Km into the sky and fall on an anvil, obliterating all your bones and killing you. Just cuz' I wish to die.
  6. Your day is no normal that you find it too boring and suicide. I wish I was 2kool 4 skool!
  7. I suppose it is better to revive this post than to make a new one.
  8. To be honest, I'd rather be God, but if that's not possible, I can be part of the mob. Holding a torch.
  9. Obviously the creator of the "Feed the beast" movement, Slowpoke! The Idea was for him to be fead but he just attracted the attention of the angry mob!
  10. Jörmungandr's teats! Anyway, I mostly play FTB ( a modified yogcraft) because of Forrestry and Railcraft. The New Tekkit has little BC power generation options without them and doesn't have an alternative like IC2. And Thaumcraft is cool too. But I love Tekkit and will change later
  11. Well, you can visit the mod's wiki: IC2 Buildcraft Railcraft Thermal ExpansionBut using a similar set of mods, here goes my power creation options: MJ: 2 Coke ovens make coal coke which is mannualy put in a 8 LP boiler with golden waterproof pipes into 64 hobbyist steam engines and an industrial steam engine connecting to redstone conduits to an energy cell connecting to my 4 thermal expansion machines, 3 forrestry machines and a rolling machine. For the creosote oil it generates, I bucket it into a 8 LP liquid boiler connected to some golden pipes into the engines. Disadvantage: you need tons of coal EU: 4 windmills ( Cheap and power efficient) with tin cable connected to a batbox, 4 LV solar arrays and 1 Hybrid solar panel ( think MV array at day, LV array at night) with glass fibre connected to my MFSU connected to all my machines.
  12. watsonj11 is banned for walking on a boat. Only sailors can walk on boats and I bet 2 euros he isn't a sailor.
  13. Dled is banned for being a lurker. Post some stuff, don't just silently read. And it is not a cat.
  14. Industrial Miner is banned for mixing the looks of the terminator and iron man. One is a robot with a skin like shell and the other is a man in metal armor!
  15. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ should be banned for thinking my avatar is a bear. It is a FRIKKIIN RACCOOON!!!!! A BROWNW FRIKKINNN RRAACCCOONNO!!!!! Then again, it does look like a satanic terminator bear.
  16. Shalezstorm should be banned for implying Egyptians were hipsters.
  17. Captain Scar is banned for having a scar and emo hair. And by charming and dashing do you mean raccooons?
  18. Industrial Miner is banned for having industrial on his name while industrialcraft is out of the new Tekkit. And of indirectly accusing me of disrespecting the rules of avatar heads because I am facing forwards.
  19. 1.How old are you? 488808000 days old. 2.Can you pay the two dollars a month? That depends. Do you accept Martian currency? 3.Do comply with the rules what can we add and what can we take out? Yes, I agree to follow these rules every 29th of February when a sunflower drinks hot coffe and explains "Prepostorous accusation" in a New Zealand Accent. 4.Skype name Poopfeast69 5.Youtube link(And twitch) (Warning: Dangerous to weak minds) twitch.tv/DerpyhoovesXRainbowDashFanfiction 6.Why would you like to join?(Don't even both signing up if is not over a paragraph) I like Ponies. And I also like Gorrilas. Third Paragraph for extra wanting. 7.What can you bring? (Don't fill out if you think you answer this is the six one.) I can bring cupcakes. Of the non human meat variety. Unless you prefer the human meat variety. 8.Are you new to Tekkit? How long have you played? I played it for 9001 years. 9. Anything else you would like to add? Yes. I support gay marriage and abortion. 10. A little bit about you. Raccoons are preety cool. I am a raccoon. Therefore, I'm preety cool.
  20. I would go 40 years into the past and try to kill Justin Bieber's grandparent. If I succed: I prove you can change time AND I kill JB. If I fail: I prove you can't change the past. Either of them will get me the nobel prize of science and the first one will also give me the nobel prize of world peace. Also, if the time machine is portable like a watch: Do whatever I feel like ( Maybe punch a random guy in the face), turn back time and not do that. Or maybe I pause time, enter the girls bathroom and see what secrets they hold there ( If you know what I mean) (that could mean 3 different things and all of them are not good)
  21. This guy is na idiot. But not even a good idiot. The non-entertaining kind of idiot.
  22. What does a zombie say when oppening a villager head? "Brains?"
  23. -0.2 I am the perfect cyborg. Half robot, half raccoon, all gentleman! Also, I know 5.21 languages ( portuguese, english, spanish, martian, neptunian and a wee bit of french)
  24. This has nothing to do with Technic except it is awesome. That should be good enough. If that doesn't work: Also, I don't know if I posted this already but: If it doesn't work: My interpretation of the mining lazer.
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