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[1.5.2] Dewcraft Adventure [PvP/PvE][24/7][Open][100 Slots][100% Custom Map][RPG + Story]

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  1. Download and Install Technic Launcher > technic.net
  2. Add new mod pack
  3. Paste this > http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/dewcraft-adventure-pack
  4. Insert login info and Launch
  5. Be awesome


  • Over 5000 thousand hours have gone into detail, story, and gameplay balancing
  • The main overworld map is 100% custom made
  • The Dewcraft server has not 1, but 5 Admins to manage the community and backend
  • We are laid back and fun, but still hold our community to a standard
  • We allow griefing, but do not tolerate mindless random griefing
  • Dewcraft has a dedicated server provided by community donations
  • Dewcraft has held a family friendly community since 2010
  • Dewcraft has professional IT support for gaming optimization
  • Server Admins are dedicated to provide enjoyment for their community
  • Dewcraft Staff is always going the extra mile to help it’s players have fun


In a land with a forgotten history, a mystery is brewed surrounded by legends and rumors. People look to the Divine for answers and wisdom. The Genesis holds a power beyond imagination, but no one has found or seen it. The only knowledge about the Genesis lies with the past, and only one man would know where or what the Genesis really is. With visions showing the past, Hidalgo escapes destruction as the sole survivor who knows the truth. On the run from the Divine, Hidalgo goes into hiding leaving clues, puzzles and treasures behind for travellers to find and explore so that you may unravel the history and uncover the truth. As you start your journey in the town of Exodus, you embark to find the Genesis.


Mods listed are included into the Dewcraft PVP Adventure pack, which is intended for private server use only. Mod list may increase as content is added.

  • Smart Moving – Climb, crawl, and jump your way through the world.
  • Thaumcraft – Research your way to the finest magic items at your disposal.
  • Harken Scythe - Collect blood and souls to create the ultimate artifacts.
  • Twilight Forest – Explore a whole new world in eternal twilight.
  • ExtraBiomesXL – Many new biomes to find.
  • Natura – New trees and plants to grow.
  • InfernalMobs – A mini boss around every corner.
  • Mo'Creatures – Tons of new mobs.
  • ProjectZulu – Even more mobs.
  • MoreStorage – Protect your stuff with locked containers.
  • SimpleOres – New ores with armors and tools.
  • NetherRocks – New ores in the Nether.
  • CustomNPCs – Interact, complete quests, and learn from the NPCs in the world.
  • Eternal Frost - A frosty version of the Nether.
  • Dimensional Doors - Rifts in the world can lead to danger and treasures!


Featured plugins are not ALL the plugins. Any plugins not listed are intended for backend use only and will not be listed.

  • Factions – Work together and protect your land from outsiders.
  • QuickTravel – Forget the footwork and take some transportation to key locations.*
  • Gringotts – Real, tangible, tradable currency with barter system in place.
  • Inventory Drop Chance – Keep some of your items and experience when death occurs.
  • ItemRules – Climb up the tiers of gear based on XP levels.

*VIP (donator) Only


Server specs are subject to change as newer hardware is installed.

  • Dedicated Server
  • Server class cpu and ram
  • SSD for fast read/write
  • 100Mb up/down connection for minimal to no lag
  • Custom Spawn World
  • 100 Slots
  • Guaranteed Donator Slots
  • 3 Year Running Minecraft Server


From the beginning of the Dewcraft community, a vibrant “family-friendly” environment was created around the common interest: Minecraft. As time moved forward, the community grew into a team of builders who enjoyed sharing what they created with their peers. Eventually, this gameplay would not be enough to contain the community’s creativity and enthusiasm. So, the community (along with the server owner) decided to begin an adventure in survival building. While in survival build, the community accomplished even greater feats, bigger builds, and crazier designs that would astonish any normal minecraft player. But soon, even this gameplay could not withstand the community’s growth and excitement. After some time had passed, a new PvP survival gameplay had opened and the community was ecstatic! The “Outback” as it was called, was a fun experience for those that built, or fought. This was the first step towards something greater. The Outback was a lot of fun, and while the players created their own goals, purpose was something hard to come by. So, a new idea was born: Make a server encompassing building, fighting, purpose, and new things for people to explore, enjoy, and discover all encapsulated into the greatest Minecraft experience that will dynamically change as players progress. This idea would forever change the way Dewcraft is played, which has developed the Dewcraft community as a legend. Mods and plugins are great, but the community has stood by Dewcraft’s side from the beginning and are still partaking in the fellowship and fun that we call Minecraft.










All items listed here are disabled for either worldguard bypass, backend admin only magic, and/or balancing issues.

  • Thaumcraft

    • Wand of Equal Trade*
    • Wand of Excavation
    • Wand of Ice
    • Portal Hole*
    • *Will be enabled soon

  • Simple Ores

    • Onyx Furnace
    • Copper Bucket

  • Netherrocks

    • Nether Furnace

  • Secret Room

    • Camo Paste
    • All subsequent recipes needing Camo Paste


Rules are subject to change, please visit dewcraft.com/rules for current rules.

  • All actions are judged per account. If, after being banned, you are found to be logging onto Dewcraft with any alternate accounts they also will be banned and reported to MCBans.
  • No advertising, spamming, flaming, trolling, discrimination, harassment, tasteless discussions, begging, talking like a moron, etc. -RESPECT EVERYONE (You will be made fun of if you cannot spell)
  • Report any problems at: Report stuff
  • The following are NOT allowed:

    • Unapproved Client Mods
    • X-Ray Mods
    • X-Ray Textures
    • Hacked Clients
    • Disabled Items
    • Exploits

    [*][TL;DR] Don’t be a Jerk, and allow others to have as much fun as you’re having.



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