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How many End Portals?


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I found 1 End Portal in a very very broken stronghold.Its missing a few portal blocks and it seems that no matter how far away I go(500+ blocks away) the ender eyes want to keep pulling me back to the broken one.So I took my seed and made a creative map version of it,went to the broken portal and broke the rest of the blocks.I was hoping that maybe the eyes would find the next portal but even still it wants to take me to the ,now completely gone portal.

And I would really hate like hell to have to "cheat" myself the missing portal blocks so I can go to the End.I haven't given myself any items in survival so why start now.

So.....is a Hexxit map supposed to have 3 End portals?

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Yes, of course. That's a vanilla mechanic.

The ender eyes are tied to the location, not the blocks themselves. Eyes go to the nearest stronghold, so position yourself so that a different stronghold is closer than your current one. Just walk in a straight line from the stronghold to the spawn point of the world and then a little more. That should put you closer to another stronghold.

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