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[Request] Hexxit Kingdoms!


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I wish there was a section just for posting threads like this(one just for server requests...), since I feel guity posting it here, but other people made requests like this in this section, so ill write it here.

Anyway, I was messing around with Hexxit after a old Kingdom server of mine went down, when I thought that Kingdoms in Hexxit would be a great idea! Sadly, I lack the knowledge, computer, and funds to host a server like this myself. I know nothing about plugins, I don't have enough money to pay to host a server, and my computer, while good, is not strong enough to host a server, so that's why im posting this here, so someone could try the idea for me. If you do, please post a ip to the server in the replies in the thread. Note, I do not mean factions. I will give some info on what a kingdom server is like(or at least, the one I played on.)

Kingdoms is like factions, and it uses the faction plugin. However, it plays completely different, with different tactics and player styles. Each 'faction'(now known as a kingdom) has to be paid to make, no free kingdoms/factions poping up everywhere. Of course, at the beginning the cost will be reasonable so there will be kingdoms starting up. The only way to make a kingdom is to pay an admin/moderator(depending on how you want to make it) to create it for you, to stop it from being way too many kingdoms. The creator of a kingdom then gets the king rank. He has the same access as a standard owner, aka inviting, claiming land, etc.

Any player who just starts out has the peasant(or any other rank equal to this) rank. They have access to only basic commands. No tpa request or faction moderator for these guys. They can rank up by paying an admin for the next rank. If they want to 'skip' buying a rank, they need to combine the costs of both to rank up. Lets say, they want to go to rank 3, which is 2000, ignoring rank 2, which is 1000. They will have to pay 3000.

The next rank is Commoner(Or something that acts the same). They have access to all non-donator, admins, and faction moderator commands. There is ranks after this that may or may not effect commands. This is just a basic layout for example.

There is two last important ranks, known as lord and general. A kingdom may only have 1 General, and only 1 lord for every 5 members(possible to change this if it seems too easy to get a lot of lords). Every Lord and General gets faction moderator. To get these ranks, and any rank above commoner, you need a king's permission to rank up, as well as the nessary funds.(Will be expensive, of course). Also, to get any rank above commoner, except king, you need to be inside a kingdom.

Now, your probably wondering what is the difference between a Kingdom and a normal Faction. Well, kingdoms can't just walk into another kingdom's base and kill all of them, claim their land, and grief. They also can't tnt other kingdoms without enemying them, and getting away with it.

Kingdoms can war and fight, but with special rules.

If at war, you can kill any member of the enemy kingdom that is in the wild or on your land. However, you can not kill anyone on their own land normaly. There is 3 ways you can do this, however. First way is to declare an assault. This is a fifteen minute attack on another kingdom. The other kingdom doesn't have to fight, they can hide behind shut doors(probably wooden doors.)

The attackers can attack as soon as they Declare the assault. Anyone can join in, as long as they also declare a assault.

The second way is a siege. You see, every King and Lord needs to build himself a 'keep'. Every lord keep has to be at least 300 blocks away from the king's castle, and has to have a road leading to it. In a siege, the attackers have to declare their Siege, and the defenders get 20 minutes to prepare for the incoming attack. Then, the attacker will head to the coords of the keep the defenders choose. The defenders have to give the attackers the coords to the keep they choose. A siege lasts 5 Minecraft days. If the attackers win, the keep is unclaimed and they are allowed to do anything they want with it. If the defenders win, or if the 5 days run out, they get to keep the keep.

Players win by holding the keep's throne room for 2 minecraft days. Imagine it like king of the hill. Every keep and throne room has to be reasonably attackable. No traps that block all access to the keep or throne room forever, or a castle so huge it is impossible to get to the throne room within the 5 minecraft days. Also, everything has to be open and accessible. All wooden doors must be open, gates must be open, etc. The only exception is redstone doors, as long as there is a button the attackers can use on their side, if it leads to the throne room. No having the button to open the doors only accessible from inside the throne room(unless there is other ways inside.)

The third way of 'attacking' is by hiring an assassin or merc. These might not be allowed at the beginning of a server, due to them being players agreeing to follow special rules. As such, I won't state their rules and what they are able to do here.

Now, onto the actual rules and banned items(again, these are only suggestions. Feel free to modify them as you list if you make this an actual server).


1.Every build has to have a way inside it.(no buildings with no way in).

2.Everything has to obey the laws of gravity.(No floating islands. If your kingdom is teetering over a clift, add supports!)

3. Build in a medieval fantasy theme.(No rockets, secret labs, or other science fiction/modern stuff.)

4. Every keep/castle has to be fully accessible in peacetime.(must be able to walk in and look everywhere, minus secret passages of course. No giant pit trap stopping people from entering).

5. No tnt cannoning other kingdoms.(Temp or permaban.)

6. No hookshoting people out of safe zones, kingdoms... etc.

7. If a kingdom does not wish to allow you in(minus if your a enemy), do not enter by any means such as EnderShields, Enderpearls,and Hookshots.

8. No stealing, betraying, or griefing your kingdom, or doing any of these on claimed land.

9. You must have your king's permission to leave a kingdom.

10. Use common sence for anything else.

Banned items(I don't know everything in Hexxit, but this is just a basic list):

Rapiers(Cheap, ignore armor completely, and are op)

Rift Blades(Cause more trouble than they are worth.)

Enderpearls(teleport all the way past defenders and into the throne room insantly).

Possibly a few other things.

As you can tell, I do not know everything about Hexxit, but I feel a server like this could work, with a bit of effort put into it. I seen other servers ban the modded items, make classes that could only use certain items, etc... I would love to see some of those used for a server like this. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read all of this. I know I went on for a while, and im a bit all over the place sometimes.

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