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  1. Check if your in peaceful? XD. Just kidding. THat is a weird problem... Was your old world from a past verson and went through a update? do you live in a mushroom biome? Only two I can think off of the top of my head.
  2. Er... screenshots, a bit more info, possibly a video, etc... and maybe I would download, dispite your name being very trustworthy(not realy. I detect someone leaving out a certain number or 3 letters).
  3. I thank you, plokami, that finaly fixed my problem. No other guide mentioned that being a issue(not the www, but the space).
  4. Well now, using my most recent link, technic forums wont even detect it as a 'valid' link...
  5. That link was old and indirect, not theone I was using in the launcher. I was using that to show the pack and everything with the dropbox page itself. Anyway, the updated and direct link is this one. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/203855999/Modpack%20template.zip Yes, I even tried using a modpack template, and used another one before this. This one has a weird file inside it called installed, but with it or without it, it will still not 'unzip'.
  6. Still same 'unziping' error. Looks like im not going to be able to find a solution.
  7. WinRAR does NOT work, as it can only make rar files, and rar files do not work.-.-. Well, guess im not getting any answers on here, so screw it. Edit: I already knew WinRAR did not work, and I tried 7-zip, only to encounter the same problem. Also, seeing as your implying a insult, it seems this community isn't as helpful as I thought It would be. If someone else a bit more mature would be willing to help, I would be all ears.
  8. I read it on... fuck Im gonna fail at spelling his name. Lukeb39 I think is his name. His guide.
  9. Sorry, forgot to mention that I was using the default windows zip file, as according to a guide I saw it was the only way to get it working... I really would appreciate it if you could lend me a hand. .
  10. Before any of you say check other forum threads and posts, I did. I followed every instructions and tried every single guide, I made sure it was a direct link, I made sure it was a zip and not a rar,etc... but still im getting this unzipping error. I Apologize if I sound like a douchebag, but its because the last time I attempted to post something like this, I ended up with a private messaging calling me a idiot and telling me to check threads I already checked. Anyway, I can't find the problem after checking multiple guides and links and threads, and looking over everything twice. I bet i
  11. I see 20 people saw this thread, and didn't even bother trying to lend me a hand. .
  12. Ill say a smaller list of banned items would be better.... 1.Enderbow(crashes) 2.Dimensional doors(depends on how bad it lags your server) 3.Water staff(Just plain annoying for other players) Also, to solve the problem with the meteor summoners, try placing meteor shields around the spawn. Better than disabling players main way to get meteors efficiently. The other items should cause very minimal grief, except for the chalice, and that should be easy to catch.
  13. I believe they should add the blood magic mod, if they would take the time to downgrade it to 1.5.2.
  14. I seen a few threads like this, and none of the solutions in them seemed to work. I have made a modpack, planning to share it with a few friends of mine. I followed the steps of a guide, yet im getting a error, technic saying it can't unzip the file. I have looked at a few threads, and none of them seem to solve my problem. I have made it a zip using default windows programs, I have made sure its a direct link, etc... and it still has the error. If someone could help me with this, I would be very thankful to you. Details: Its a 1.5.2 modpack, with the recommended 1.5.2 forge, along with Codec
  15. You do not lose your xp. Go into a enchanting table and it will return.
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