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Advanced Tekkit Questio - Multiinv/Land protection.


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Please read the whole thread before you comment.

"I'm looking for a plugin that will allow a player to add items to a chest in World A, and then receive them in their inventory in World B.

I'm aware of the various Multiverse Inventory and MultiInv plugins, but I want inventory sharing to be one-way only; i.e players can send items from World A to World B, but not from World B to World A.

Does something like this exist?"

Further information to the problem below.

Alright, so on my Tekkit Server I've used Tekkit Customizer to block all potential land griefing objects. [infernal armor, destruction catalyst, etc]

However, I would like to urban these items. What I did was install multiverse and multinv. This allows me to create a seperate "spawn". This works because multiinv seperates the spawn inventories from the "PVP" world. This way I can have a spawn that will never be griefed, yet allow all items to be unbanned because I don't mind if the Pvp world is griefed.

The problem is I can't make shops in my "spawn" world because the items in the shops don't carry over the Pvp world due to the Multiinv plugin. I know there's a share feature that lets the items be shared throughout the world which wouldn't be any good because the banned items would just get back to the spawn world.

Main Question: Is there a way to do single way sharing between worlds? As in allow items from the spawn world to get into the PvP world, but don't allow PvP world items to get into the spawn world? If so what plugin would I need to use or what feature of multiinv would I need to use?

To clarify: Say a player buys an item from the "spawn" world. Is there a way to take that to the "Pvp" world without allowing "Pvp" world items back into the spawn world?

Thanks for the help!

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Simple Answer: No

I would suggest using TekkitRestrict, NoItem or ModifyWorld. These plugins are much more efficient and can block crafting, holding, using, clicking, etc. etc. TR can even replace banned items with dirt. It also has a Limited Creative feature which can be customized to meet your server's needs.

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