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No Sounds, No Audio Files, No Solutions!


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The only thing I can think to cure this is for someone to upload the required sound files and give me the link.

I've tried restarting multiple times & i've tried resetting the pack. The files are just not downloading and i'm getting frustrated because I just started a new world.

The sounds were there before but then I finally updated it and now there are no sounds whatsoever.

I know it's not my computer because I have the regular minecraft launcher and it updated just fine.

Please someone help me.

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From what I understand, most of the sounds are downloaded automatically from Mojang. Some of the mods might have custom sounds in addition, but the base sounds are part of minecraft. If they aren't downloading, there isn't a lot you can do about it as far as I know.

Maybe since you have a working vanilla minecraft directory, you can take the sound assets from there and copy them over to the technic mod pack folders? There's a resources folder inside each mod pack folder that looks like it contains sounds. Good luck.

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