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Unable to launch Big Dig

Mike Desayeux

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I have a problem starting Big Dig with the Technic Launcher.

I am using the 1.3.9 recommended build, allocating up to 7GB, and increasing permagen size.

Yes, I have the latest versions of Java, but still it refuses to launch.

I've tried resetting the pack and installing all the mods again. What happens is, the progress bar continues as it extracts all the different mods, but for some reason it pauses at Mystcraft. Thinking that Mystcraft is a pretty large mod, I let it sit for a while, but even after up to 15 minutes, it was stuck at the same place.

I closed the launcher and tried again to launch, and this time it says "100 % No update for big dig found!" and just sits there, yet again.

Any solutions to this? I really would like to play Big Dig using Tinker's Construct, and though the older non-official version of Big Dig is still playable/launchable, it doesn't have many updated mods.

Thanks for your time!

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