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Universal Cable - Where does it come from?


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Hey guys!

So after playing Minecraft with friends from time to time, we've set up this awesome big dig server (removed the high diamond spawn, though).

Since all those conductive pipes have limitations in energy that can be transferred, we've found this universal cable coming with big dig. Whatever I google, i can't find any information about this thing. Does anyone know if there is any energy loss or limitation in energy transferred for this thing? Is there a reason to use or not to use this one over conductive pipes?

Thank you guys!

P.S.: Can the cable power mekanism machnises using buildcraft MJ as well or do i have to use the correct energy cube inbetween the MJ supply and the Mekanism machines? What is the conversion rate for mekanism energy/MJ?

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P.S.: Can the cable power mekanism machnises using buildcraft MJ?

As I understand it, yes.

Universal cables are nice and cheap, and a step up from pre-Buildcraft 3.7.1 conductive pipes, but Redstone Energy Conduits are the ultimate MJ Transfer method. 5% loss no matter the distance, and I believe a 1000MJ throughput per connection.

*Please note that what I know comes from watching Wylker and playing Tekkit. dwwojcik is not responsible for erroneous information.

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I believe the new conductive pipes after 3.7.1 have no loss, but a limit in capacity. So i would really use the conductive pipes instead of Redstone Energy Conduits (we got a newer buildcraft version).

But I still dont know if Universal Cable is preferrable over conductive pipes.

Thanks for your response!

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