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[1.0.5] Anarchy [PvP][Griefing allowed][40 Slots][Open]


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Been wanting a Hexxit server with true freedom? Look no farther this is it.

There is no rules, no staff*(only those who manage the files is what I meant by this), nothing that can prevent you from using everything fully.

We aren't a server for players who want all their stuff protected or their hand guided through everything.

I'm looking for players who can actually use their brain.


We use bukkit and have several plugins such as EnderChestPlus, mcMMO, mmSupernaturals ,NETFire ,and many more.

Even though there are no rules this does not excuse you from being a complete moron.

*I do not want staff period.

Banned Item: Meteor shield, Does not work causes server to crash. We're working on fixing this.

More on the no staff thing: There is no adminstrators, Instead there is a select few "Gods" that you can make offerings to for something in exchange or gain the favor in battle and so on.

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