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[1.0.5]o-So-oHexxit[pvp/pve/][35 slots]It is just so hexxit!


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Welcome to o-So-ohexxit. Here we let you play to the fullest of hexxit! There is no limitations!


1. No disrespect to any player/staff member.

2. No griefing of any form.

3. No raiding other players.

4. Do not hack or glitch.

5. Breaking any of these rules will equal your termination on the server, Perminately!


Extra Information:

1. There is no spawn building/shops.

2. Whatever is built in spawn is made by the community.

3. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.

4. Killing someone is not disrespect.

5. Even if you do not like someone, show some respect.

6. It is better to work together, form a team/group/clan for the best experience.

7. No items/mods have been banned or removed from the game.

8. No plugins

9. You can ask for op!, but 98% of the time you will not get it.

10. Have fun!


This is a 24/7 server. Anyone is free to join.

We do not have any pictures right now, we will update it as soon as we can. We need players to go and build first. Thank you players!

NOTE: plugins/extras/donation ranks will be added soon, thanks for the waiting!


More detailed post will be shown soon, fonts, pictures, etc.


More information is coming soon, and all suggestions are always welcome.

I hope to see you soon! -deadsmith

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The server is great just the seed isnt. Can you reset the world with a diffrent seed? Thankyou.

Can you reset the world with a NEW seed this world kinda sucks only 2 main lands, But the server is cool


Yes I will be reseting the world when I upload some usefull plugins within the next week. Also thank you for the support:)

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