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  1. When will the server be up? and please dont reset the world its better this time.
  2. The server is great just the seed isnt. Can you reset the world with a diffrent seed? Thankyou.
  3. Can you reset the world with a NEW seed this world kinda sucks only 2 main lands, But the server is cool
  4. Shasune what is the server we will be playing on? if there already is a server SORRY i just dont know the ip Found the ip nvm
  5. IGN: lets_roll_drew Age: 11 Why Hellix: Less people and fun mods What are you going/like to do: Adventure, Build, and have fun with people Banned?: never Something about yourself: Im new to hexxit but know a few mods, i also love to read.
  6. Hey seen your wanting to join a friendly hexxit server with your friends you can join mine :) is the info we have TS to, you use the same info :) Let me know you came from here!

  7. Im 10 about to be 11 in 3 weeks. I cant make a server either. I would like to join cause i cannot find a hexxit server that doesnt have everything raided. Im a bit new to the mod i know almost all about the mod. my ign is lets_roll_drew too and i dont have skype
  8. Hey can i join too? If so can u tell me the ip? if its whitelist my ign is lets_roll_drew