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How to allocated EVEN MORE RAM to Big Dig


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So, because I pretty much have 1gb ram. I went on to add more memory to the Virtual Memory and I was able to add 4gb of Virtual RAM. Ok, so that sped up going on the internet and other stuff. But I doubt it will work for Big Dig because when I tried allocating more RAM to Big Dig it only gave me the one which I always get 768MB which is the max RAM I am able to allocate. Well, being the observant guy I am I went to the %appdata%/Roaming/.technic and went onto the setting.yml to see if I was able to allocate more RAM manually from there. But there was one thing that I saw and it annoyed me. It said 2, which I knew what it was, it was just the 2nd option from the drop down when you open Technic Launcher and then the settings. I want to know if I am able to allocate more RAM. Thanks, Hope you have a good day. :)

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