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  1. The reason this is happening to you is because the Power tool is losing energy as you are digging making the coding change and then mc thinks its a different item resetting your digging timer. Take out all the power from the power tool and keep it empty and charge ur armor only.
  2. Yeah. The way they have the versions now and the whole system thing kinda made it hard for technic launcher or any launcher to switch to 1.6.2
  3. what IS permgen? i use it but dont actualy know what it means
  4. There is this server I play on and it is GREAT. aircrafters.g.akliz.net try it out its amazing
  5. I'm on a server so i dont think i can remove them. any other solutions or if u CAN remove them how can i?
  6. Umm i honestly have no idea how to update lwjgl BUT i know how u can increase ram dedicated. first if u know how much RAM u have in ur system then u can skip this guide on how to find how much ram u have. STEP 1: Open Start STEP 2: Right click Computer and then properties STEP 3: Look for the System section on the same screen you open STEP 4: Find "Installed Memory (RAM) and what it says Ok, now you know the maximum RAM of ur machine, go to technic launcher, open it up and at the top right (where u get the permgen thing) go onto the settings again and u will find a dropdown to allocate RAM. it wont let u allocate ALL ur RAM because that will cause ur game to crash. So I would suggest assigning 50% of ur RAM to it. and BOOM! done!
  7. theres a really good server community that runs 7 servers and one of them is bigdig. the ip is: mc.apocgaming.org:2052
  8. Yeah there's a guide. The person's channel is TacticalLion. If you search up how to install optifine for voltz TacticalLion you should understand. its the same thing u have to do just put it in the modpack.jar of big dig and delete the meta-inf in it
  9. any replies? i cant craft a rocket and ive been waiting a long time for someone to help.
  10. If you open the technic launcher and then u go to the top right u find a cog (launcher settings) and then u will find increase permgen size
  11. So, because I pretty much have 1gb ram. I went on to add more memory to the Virtual Memory and I was able to add 4gb of Virtual RAM. Ok, so that sped up going on the internet and other stuff. But I doubt it will work for Big Dig because when I tried allocating more RAM to Big Dig it only gave me the one which I always get 768MB which is the max RAM I am able to allocate. Well, being the observant guy I am I went to the %appdata%/Roaming/.technic and went onto the setting.yml to see if I was able to allocate more RAM manually from there. But there was one thing that I saw and it annoyed me. It said 2, which I knew what it was, it was just the 2nd option from the drop down when you open Technic Launcher and then the settings. I want to know if I am able to allocate more RAM. Thanks, Hope you have a good day. :)