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Critical Voltz Mffs Glitches and bugs report. Things that will crash the server Owners. Beware


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Ok, Either this needs to be removed from voltz or they really need to contact the mod owner to fix these things.

Semi Major glitches

1. Force fields always crash the server if you sneak click through them and then stand up inside of them. This can be avoided but accidently done. Not to mention you lose all your items and die when it comes back up.

Major glitches

2. This one is a mean one. The "Anti-Player " Module in the "Interdiction matrix" along with the confiscation module kills you and the crashes the server. What's worse is you lose all your items in the process. Since most servers have factions if your force field is close enough to your factions home every time you log in and respawn the server crashes again after a few seconds of running time.

The seconded one can be avoided by disabling the Modules and machine that does it but the second one is so easily done and cannot be banned without ruining the mod.

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