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Phased Conductive Pipe and ME Power


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Hey folks I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with phased conductive pipes as a means to power an ME network from Applied Energistics. When I tried it it seems like the receiver tries to drain the ME controller while simultaneously sending power to it. Since phased pipes can't for whatever reason be set to receive only I'm wondering if there's a workaround or if I should just stick to energy tesseracts for now? I've been told they can only transport so much MJ at a time and if my network gets large enough (mostly my MAC) I might over draw the tesseract. Thoughts?

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Receiver phased pipe can be set to send/receive. And the sender can be set to send only. Problem solved. make sure you only use gold conductive pipe between phased and the controller. And also since you are using mj. When you right click the controller. It shows you how many units/t its using. For ic2 power its that number divided by 2 and for mj its divided by 5. When you work out how much power its using you will kniw hiw much power you need. Tesseracts are more improved versions of phased pipe but can only transfer up to 100 mj/t as your network expands. This number wil soon become small. So it is recommended to split your network into multiple networks. Using different color me cable for each network you can keep the whole thing small

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