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what is toxicity in a fission and what does the reactor drain do


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i know don't what toxicity and what does the drain do

I am not sure, but when your reactor explodes (above 2000 degrees) the higher toxicity there is in the reactor the higher the blast is. As long as you keep the reactor cool enough with control rods you should not worry about that. Now about the reactor drain. The reactor drain can be placed in front of the reactor, no matter what side. As long as the exit (black dot) will come out on the other side so you can put mechanical pipe on it. Hook it up with a dynamic tank. Next step is to make a configurator. Shift right click with the configurator on the mechanical pipe which touches the reactor drain. (only 1 mechanical pipe should be red after this is done) The pipe will now force the liquid out of the reactor filling the tank. Every 1000dm3 is a bucket of toxic waste. Toxic waste has no function but can be placed anywhere like normal liquids. There is no protection for toxic waste and will probably kill you if you even take a dip if for a single second. Good for setting up traps.

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so i put the drain right next to the reactor with the dot pointing out. I put the pipe on the end of the drain and put the tank down, but it didnt connect to the tank. I also shift-right clicked with the configurator and it turned red but it wasn't draining. Am I doing something wrong?

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