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Updating from 1.06 to 1.18


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I found this to handle the changes in block and items ids so you can convert a world of 1.06 to a new world of 1.18, the only issue I have so far is that Balkons weapon names and the power gauntlet changed in the item code but other than changing that to match everything works.

Used this http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1636125-midas-patch-maker-midas-gold-convert-your-world-world-block-item-id-converter-for-mods/ to make the block conversion.

It seems that most Applied Energistics changed ids so take care of that. Suggesting that you place everything on normal chests before the upgrade.

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Hi there, thank you Pokeblink for your advice!

Just updated my dedicated server world (and base) from 1.0.6 to 1.1.8 with mIDas GOLD, MC Edit and NEI dumps. At the base were many items including AE MAC, ME cables and buses and many others from others mods. My base was fully functional without any actions needed to perform after start new-old-world (i.e. server).

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I tried updating the way you described too and everything AE related was lost, so I can confirm that. Combined with the 0-30sec into the game crashes made me stick with 1.0.6 and maybe start with a fresh world on 1.1.8 once these crashes are ironed out

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Well, I updated in this order, note that all changes I did, were in SSP (I've copied my world folder from server to saves folder in client folder):

1. I've made NEI Dump file include both Item, Unused and Block IDs. Then I've copied .txt dump file into mIDas Patch folder and renamed it to "Old NEI"

2. I've updated both client and server to 1.1.8 tekkitmain (I removed tekkitmain folder and updater made new one)

3. I've made new World in 1.1.8 with same seed, which had old world.

4. I've made new world NEI Dump. Then I've copied .txt dump file into mIDas Patch folder and renamed it to "New NEI"

5. I've made patch file, then I've applied that patch to the old world in mIDas GOLD

6. I've exported my stuff with MC Edit from old world

6. I've imported my stuff with MC Edit to new world

After that I just start play in my updated world with out any problems. I can confirm only one client crash, but but I just need to slow down, when I pass that location.

Sorry for my english, I hope this wall of text was useful.

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Sorry for my english, I hope this wall of text was useful.

Yeah thanks. I didn't do that but my stuff works fine so far. Just need to test mystcraft portals and had to respawn my armor cause it was incompatible with the radiation modules. And the issue here is no spawn of new ores in the old chunks obviously.

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so. After I wasnt all that satisfied with the result midas produced, I actually went ahead and took a look into the Patch.txt it produced and looked at which IDs its actually changing. What I found was that midas gets confused by lots of IDs where the mod authors forgot to give them names, like this:

Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3707

Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3708

Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3709

Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3710


Item. Name: item.null. ID: 8782

Item. Name: item.null. ID: 8783

theres lots more of these. So from what midas can tell, these IDs need to be switched around and it just produces a merry-go-round on the IDs. After eliminating those from the Patch.txt I actually ended up with a completely empty Patch.txt

TL/DR: You dont actually need to run Midas to convert 1.0.6 worlds to 1.1.8 because theres no ID changes

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