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Unwanted Mods + Crashing


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Ever since I tried out Big Dig I've loved it. I've played MC for awhile, so I know all about allocating more RAM, etc. So, I've allocated more RAM, and since I don't care about graphics all that much, I've set my video settings to almost the lowest possible to prefer performance. Here's the thing, though. Big Dig is still crashing. I'll go into creative mode to place some blocks high up quickly, but in the middle of that it just flops--ctrl-alt-del is the only way I can get out. Does any one have any suggestions? I'm not sure if it's mod conflicting or something else, so.

I'm actually looking to deleted some unwanted mods anyways, so does anyone know what mod files are linked to each other? I'm enjoying the plentiful ore spawns and the basic buildcraft mods, NEI is a must too. But really, other than those, I don't believe I even know how to use/wtf half of the other mods do.

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Do you perhaps have a crash report?

Also I know you say about allocating more memory but have you also increased PermGen? It's pretty much a necessity of these modpacks. Check the sticky at the top of this forum to see how to do this.

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