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[1.0.5] Hex-Souls 24/7 [PVP/PVE][TOWNY][iConomy]


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CHANGED: Custom modpack, moved from Hexxit.

Custom weapon names, buyable lore, fun towns and more!

IP: hex-souls.sytes.net

And if you cannot connect, IP: hex-souls.sytes.net:25566

Fun PvE / PvP based server, open world exploration, few banned items and donator items!

Come on in and give us a try!

Owner: XPandazX1

Website: http://hex-souls.enjin.com

Link to custom modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/hex-souls.179553

Intro video:

Video updated September 1





Need: More Mods and Builders.

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Erm... panda? Could you go into the config file and somehow change my location in the world spot to some other world?(last time I was logged in, it was in a dungeon world. I went to check a few days later, and it said "Interal server error". So I'm thinking I'm stuck in limbo because the previous world is gone). That or the server has an issue.

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