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Need a suggestion for an additional mod.


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Right now I run a small Hexxit server that I use to record my Let's Play series on. I have been adding a lot of small flourishes to my gameplay through editing to make it feel more like a true RPG fantasy world. This includes living in a village, protecting it and beautifying it.

What I would like to do is name my villagers and since Hexxit runs on 1.5.2 I'll need to use a mod for that. So I'm looking for a mod that will work with the current version of the Hexxit pack with very little work to be done other than simply dragging and dropping a few files if possible.

The problem I've had in my Google adventures on the subject is that the mods are either incredibly robust and don't have this one feature or are incredibly robust and do have the feature but require you have all of these other obnoxious village-related features as well. I just want to name existing villagers.

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