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"Shutting Down Internal Server"


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I've been playing this modpack for hours and hours, mostly on my laptop (which isn't great for any kind of gaming), and have been having some troubles with the game randomly lagging out and the message "shutting down internal server..." being displayed, and then it stops responding. It only white screens on the odd occasion so i'm thinking "that's fine, i can deal with it being a bit laggy and crashing on occasion, it is a new mod and probably my laptop anyway". So i switch to a good PC, up the Memory usage to 2GB, and now the games crashing every ten to fifteen minutes. Its getting a little annoying, so if there is some kind of fix, that doesn't involve loosing all the time I've put in, I would really like to know it.

It's not actually white screening, so I don't actually have any error reports.

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You should still get a Forge Log file, even without a crash, it might be worth posting that to pastebin so people can have a look at it for you.

Also how much RAM does your "good PC" have?

Finally, have you remembered to increase PermGen on your PC?

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