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Managing Fluid Dynamics in Voltz

Damian Yates

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Since the latest release of voltz, I have not been able to devise a way of transporting lava from below to storage tanks above for use by other devices. I have successfully used the pump and mechanical pipe to collect the lava, but there is nothing to store it in? Is this a bug or an issue to be addressed in the next release?

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There are storage tanks for liquids, they're called Dynamic Tanks. They work a little bit like the Iron Tanks you can make in FTB, so you have to build a 3x3x3 structure to hold the liquid. There are three parts to them:

  • Dynamic Tank
  • Dynamic Valve
  • Dynamic Glass

My problem now is, how on earth do you get the liquid out again? I've tried everything. Simply attaching a mechanical pipe doesn't work, nor does attaching an electric pump. i've even tried moving the valves about on the tank, still nothing coming out of the tank :(

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