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CitizenCraft[50 Slots][Player Shops][New][Some banned items.][UNIQUE!][No Lag!]


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Removed/Disabled Mods:


Server Rules:

-No Racism/Sexual/Begging/Spamming/Caps/Advertising in chat.

-Cursing in slang is allowed.

-Respect Staff and other players.

-No Hacked Clients, etc.

-Anti AFK Mechanisms are NOT allowed!

-Chat must be kept English only!

-Automatic EMC farms are NOT allowed!

-Max robbing limit is $100.

-If you want to make a computer program, ask an admin first.

-Griefing is strictly NOT allowed!

Banned Items:

-Destruction catalyst

-Nova catalyst

-Nova Cataclysm

-DM Pedestal


-Industrial TNT

-Tank Cart

-TNT Cart

-Hyperkinetic Lens

-Catalytic Lens

-Red Katar

-Alchemical Tome

-All Stone (Body Stone, Life Stone, Mind Stone)


-Wireless Sniffer

-Private Sniffer

-Wireless Jammer

-Wireless Remote

-World Anchor

-Dimensional Anchor

-IC2 Miner ( Can Crash Server )

-Evertide Amulet

-Volcanite Amulet

-Black Hole Band

-Ring Of Ignition

-Diamond Hammer ( To OP. Can kill rm armour )

-RM Gem Armour

-Mercurial Eye

-Ring of Arcana



-Group Manager


-Local Chat




-Auto Announcer


-Tekkit Restrict



-CoreProtect(Helps prevent grief.)


-Professional Staff Members.

-We use factions for Gangs/Families/Mafias.(Must apply for one on the forums.)

-Custom built map by our own staff!

-You can make your own towns, but you must have an admin's permission.

-We are hiring for a short amount of time.(Must apply on the forums.)

-Trusted rank & kit!(Must play for 4 hours.)

-Government system.

-An active staff team.


-We are a new server, so we do not have a successful player base. Yet!

-Until we get a 5+ player base, you may not apply for a Gang/Family/Mafia.

-Our forums are pretty dull, so we will be working on that.

Server IP(s):

Tekkit Classic:


Extra Note(s):

We can not wait to see you on the server! We hope you enjoy all of our features.

Thanks for reading!







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