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  1. IGN: awesomejerel Age: 17 How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): since it was released Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): don't really have one sorry Why you want to play on this server: Im tired of playing alone i want to see if i could help other people out and grow more as a gamer
  2. IGN: awesomejerel AGE:17 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: No WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? Yes love it WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? just about anything i found i can be a great builder or a great "test dummy" but i will do what is ask and if i dont know how i will find a way to do it
  3. Your Username:| awesomejerel |Your reason for joining the server:| Im tired of playing alone and wanted to see if some people could help me become and even better player |Are you experienced in Tekkit:| about half a year |Will you follow the rules:| Yes
  4. IGN: awesomejerel Experience: couple of months i know quite of bit of the advance stuff but looking forward to learn even more. Timezone/country: Mountain, Usa
  5. IN GAME NAME: awesomejerel AGE: 17 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: Im a fun and interesting minecraft player who is looking to hang out with other players doing what I love. TIMEZONE: mountain EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: Never TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: Half a year I still have alot to learn
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