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[1.5.2]Steam Crew[No Whitelist][PvE(Tier Dungeons) PVP(consented)][64][SteamCrew]

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Steam Crew Server

Grand Opening!

Our modpack is focused around machines and automation with RPG and Economy aspects.

We offer hand built dungeons with tiered gear utilizing custom npcs.(3 tiers open building more)

This is a 24/7 server with 5 hour automatic restarts. There will be a small amount of downtime(should be less than 30 mins) on the last Sunday of every month to reset the twilight forest (ensuring a fresh mining world).

Everyone is welcome but we ask that you act mature and follow the rules on the server. If you have a issue with a player you can use /ignore and if you still have issues you can use /helpop and we will address the issues.

Server Rules

1)Don't Build within 100M of someone else claim (unless you have their permission).

2)Don't Bully or be abusive to others (cursing is fine so long as its not excessive or directed at someone)

3)DON'T ABUSE CAPS, or spam chat!

4)Obey the ops (Ops have red names)

5)Use /helpop if you need op assistance.

6)Don't use Quarries in the main world unless its to clear space for a build.

7)cover up holes you create at least 3 blocks thick

8)Don't create single block towers.

9)Max of 10 golems (thumcraft) at a time.

10)Quarries can be used in the twilight, but you can only use 1 at a time and it must be less than 21 x 21.

11)PVP is only allowed if both parties consent.

12)Use of X-ray packs or glitches will get you banned.

13)Do not make afk machines

Banned Items

Quantum Armor

Wand of Equal Trade

Wand of excavation


Mining Laser

power tool (restricted)

Banned Modules(power armor)

Active Camouflage

Blade Launcher

Blink Drive

Sprint Assist


Lux Capacitor

Server IP

Platform Page


Platform URL


Server Forums


Plugins Include

Chest Shop





Some Screen Shots






If you need any help getting on the server please use our forums www.steamcrew.com/forums i will help here as well but our forums may already have the answer you are looking for and it allows our other members to help you.

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