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Is it possible to charge Redstone Energy cells in an AE network?

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As it says in the topic, I was wondering if its possible to craft a redstone energy cell in an AE network, then charge said cell without placing it in the world. Was thinking using something like putting it in a chest and charging it like EU items (universal charger) but with a tessaract. Didnt work, so used a charged cell next to a chest. No success. Thought of a charging bench, but i think those only work with EU right? Is there a way to charge them somehow? Really I want to have about 5 uncharged cells in my AE network at all times, but any time I craft more they are automatically charged and remain in my network available for immediate use. Any ideas?

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Try using an Energetic Infuser, not sure if it can charge Redstone Energy Cells, but they are at least from the same mod so probably the most likely. Alternatively you could possibly do something with Turtles, getting them to place a Redstone Energy Cell next to a conduit and having them take it away once fully charged

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