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NonForestry Alternatives to Electric Engines


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I have a few quarries running on Electric Engines, but with FOrestry going away I thought it would be good to go ahead and start converting them.

Does anyone know of some combination of engines/machines to let you power a Quarry with Electricity, aside from their Electric Engines? Seems there might be a cumbersome but functional way using the Power Converter stuff..

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eeh.. I hate to go through all that.. I already have a 24-electric furnace power station built powering up 3 MSFU's (one for a Teleporter, one for a Mass Fab, and another just for general storage).

Looks like the "Energy Link" ( http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/119361-125-tehkrushs-mods-timber-updated/#mfr ) may do it.. Plus, it will run directly on HV. I wonder how much BC power you can get on a single HV Energy Link?

Update: So, looking at the thread. If the conversion ratio is the default 2/5th, and I'm pumping 512EU/t HV into it.. that would be 200MJ/t BC Power.. Yikes... Am I right in that's equivalent to 100 Electric Engines?

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The energy link tops out at 72EU/t due to how the wooden energy pipes work (because of this you can only have 1 energy link per wooden pipe).

The energy link is nice because it only consumes the EU required to power a machine (i.e. a refinery takes 10MJ so the energy link consumes only 25EU/t), although that's only when it's placed directly next to the machine.

edit: wooden transport pipes can take 160EU/t worth of MJ for what ever reason.

edit: 200MJ is equivalent to 100 forestry electric engines

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