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Fusion Reactor and 2.0.4 questions


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So I'm playing Voltz on a 1.1.4 server currently. I have a fusion reactor built and my turbines are generating a little over a megawatt of power, as read by the multimeter block ( I don't yet have all the turbines built, taking a while to get mats in survival).

However, I can't get a battery box to charge when I have all the turbines wired together, and the wired to the box. A battery box will charge if I only have 1 turbine wired to it, but stops immediately if I connect a second turbine. What's the deal?

Specifically, when I say turbine here I'm referring to large turbines, I seem to be able to wire as many small turbines together as I want and still charge the battery box, but my power output is reduced.

As for Voltz 2.0.4, I built a version of my reactor in creative mode to see if it was a bug I was experience that might have been fixed, and found that EE is gone and I no longer have any idea how to connect things, since copper wire just burns up. :-(

Anyone help me out?

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For 1.1.4, a battbox has a cap of 200kw any powersource generating more than 200kw will not charge the battbox. To go around this bug you need to divide the power over more battboxes, so 5 battboxes will do the trick. For 2.0.4. You do not want to use battboxes anymore, instead use energy cubes. They do not have a internal power cap (KW), So only one can be used. Use Universal cable for energy transportation.

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Awesome! Thank you that was incredible informative and helpful. Energy cubes are available in 1.1.4, and experimentation showed that one was charging when hooked to all turbines, so I've got 3 ultimate energy cubes being powered by the reactor so far. However, it led to a different issue. The ultimate energy cube outputs 480 volts, and of course most of the machines I want to power take 120. So, I built a 240v and a 120v transformer, and put them in line with my output from the energy cube. This worked great, and stepped my voltage down to 120v just as I expected.

The issue came when I decided to move them.....picking them up (with a pickaxe) turned them each into a 60v transformer. So it went from a 240v transformer block placed on the ground, to a 60v transformer object waiting to be sucked into my inventory.

...wut? Given that these things, especially the 240v one, take a good deal of materials (diamonds!) you can imagine my displeasure. I ended up using a basic energy cube, which takes in the 480v just fine and spits 120v back out. But, is this a known bug with transformers in 1.1.4? Or is there some other way you're supposed to pick them up that doesn't cause them to change?

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