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[Voltz 2.0.4]Elite-Network Volt[PvP][20 slots][open]

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Welcome to Elite-Network

Hello I am kentbakk the owner of Elite-Network; Elite-Network Voltz is a new Voltz server that has been open for 5 days. We have had a steady stream of players And wuld like even more to make a strong community; the server is using bukkitforge so that we can add as many of the best plugins to the server as we can. We have things such as Factions, Chest-shop, Essentials and many other plugins to try and create a fun environment for the players to be a part off. We also take your support very serious if there is something that you think the server is missing than why don’t you send me a email [email protected] and before you know it it will be on the server.

Start of the new spawn:


Server Rules

No.1 Respect the staff and players.

No.2 Keep bad language to a minimum.

No.3 No hacking/Glitching.

No.4 NoX-ray Texture’s.

No.5 Try to help and have fun.

Server banned items:

None for the time being.

Major Plugins On The Server Include:



And many more.

Expected Uptime:

The uptime should be 95%-100% The datacenter we are ussing has exelent sulutions ensuring this uptime.

We also have a few sneaky tricks to keep the server online as much as we can. So if the server goes down it can be back up within minutes as I know I am always checking it if I am not online myself.

Finally the server has very good bandwidth speeds witch mean there is next to no lag on the server.

Quick over view of the server.

[Kind and caring staff]

[Many plugins to optimize enjoyment]

[Lag free]

[Very good uptime]

[Good donator ranks]

[staff that will help mould the server into pure amazingness]

[20+ Slots]


And the best thing of all………. Voltz

Just one last thing…..

The IP:

A few of our players with there bases and or setups.



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