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Need help with some Client(maybe) lagg


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hey there, after some time looking around and from what other players get i noticed that im the only one that has serious lag issues. its the kind of lag that makes your night vision stutter as well as making blocks not to break. I've noticed that it happens every 10 or so seconds and it lasts for at least 5 seconds.

when i started playing on this server i had no problem with lag and this issue started just recently.

any tips/help i can get to solve this issue would be much appreciated?

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Do you have these laggs in single player?

(On server) When you press TAB, whats your signal strength?

Did you install the latest Java JRE version?

Or maybe your cpu is too slow

1- single player is 100% smooth

2- most of the time 100% (sometimes 80%)

3- ill check that one up but i installed java not long ago. so its likely a yes

4- core 17-3770k 3.50, i believe its overcloked at 3.8 or 4.1 doesn't really matter though.

also, my ping to the server is 52 ms, since the beggining and this problem just started a week ago or so. >:S

Edit: thank you for making me recheck the java JRE, i had it but i thought that having both, 64 and 32 versions would help. it did.No lagg so far.

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