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Whenever I play Hexxit, it usually stays on the Mojang screen for 5 minutes before loading the main menu, when I begin playing it lags a little which is understandable since the world is loading and then it will run smoothly but after about maybe 30 minutes it will start lagging and the lag will get worse and worse till the point that I'll turn and it will take 2 minutes for the screen to actually respond and turn. I have graphics on fast, particles to decreased, smooth lighting off etc. etc. Could it be because I am using a texture pack? Please help any replies would be greatly appreciated

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have you tried using Ctrl-Shift-Esc to check your Task Manager? I have similar issues and it always boils down to Hexxit sucking up all available RAM until it brings the system down (I've started it with anywhere from 1GB to 3GB of RAM and it eventually ends up at around 6GB which maxes out my available RAM -- since 1-2GB is consumed with Win7 and other background processes). To date I've not been able to identify why it does it or how to solve it. I've posted a Bug Report, but haven't gotten any responses there either.

It occasionally happens when I play Tekkit, but happens much more regularly when playing Hexxit.

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