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So, I'm starting a server with bigdig. I'm having a problem so far. Here is what I've done.

I've downloaded the server client from the bigdig site. I clicked on the launch.bat file and it went through all the stuff. I got my (I think) Default Gateway from cmd ipconfig.

I entered it in my internet browser and it came to the netgear site where I can port forward. I added a port which the IP address was my IPv4 address and set the port to 25566. I went into the server.properties file, tried both leaving the IP address field blank and entered IPv4, and I went to the port part and entered in 25566.

I launched my server, went into bigdig, added the server (IPADDRESS)(PORT) and I was able to connect easily. The problem is, my friends can't connect. I know it is not a whitelist problem. Help will be gladly appreciated. Thanks.

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