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Increase Server Difficulty


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In config/InfernalMobs.cfg


I:eliteRarity=30 (double infernal?)

I:infernoRarity=10 (triple infernal?)

S:mobHealthFactor=1.0 (HP=HP*(mHF)^infernal?)

I:ultraRarity=10 (quad infernal?)

In config/WildCaves3.cfg

B:"Stalgmites damage entities when fallen on"=false

In config/LegendGear.cfg

lower: D:MysticShrubHeartChance=0.2

# Whether hearts will drop from monsters and mystic shrubs


In config/BattleTowers.cfg

I:"Minimum Distance between 2 BattleTowers"=850 (supporting towers?)

In config/Project Zulu/ProjectZuluMobBiomeConfig.cfg

Each mob has: I:"Max Pack Size"=, ...Should Despawn"=true

Some have: SpawnRate, maxInChunk

In config/DimDoors.cfg

Enderman invasion? (rift storms)

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