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Getting back into MC because of Tekkit, looking for help to get started (SMP)

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Hi all,

After watching a good 5-6 days worth of people streaming SMP with Industrycraft/Buildcraft and all the other "omgholyhellwhathaveImissed" mods, I've been drawn back into playing minecraft, but it's becoming overwhelming try to get a server set up (hosted elsewhere, due to the ISPs where I live, hosting a server will be difficult).

My first ounce of success was finding this website... <3

I'm hoping someone here would have some time to help me find a safe, reliable host (I realize advertising here is a no-no, so I'm not asking anyone to link anything for me here.), as well as guide me through some of the more common first-timer screw-ups so that I may get on with the crafting of the stuffs.

TL;DR I need help getting a Tekkit server set up. Someone with a little patience and a lot of experience and a little spare time would make me exceptionally happy.

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If you want my help setting up a server, I would love to assist you :D I run a very successful server and I've helped quite a few people set up their own, setting a server up is the best part, feel free to skype me at "vidplace7"

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