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Modpacks lag


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So im confused, for the past month ive been playing Hexxit, (Voltz has had this same issue but im more worried about Hexxit) with no problems, around 100 FPS and little crashing, but something has changed; When I go into a world now, I get 10-35 FPS, ive tried a re-install, resetting the mod pack, and nothing seems to work. TO make things even more strange, i decided to try vinilla Minecraft while these issues were happening to see if it was the game itself, and it was not. Perfect 100 frames. ALl my other games like Arma, Bioshock, and so on work fine, and i really cant find a solution in the help forums...So, maybe making my own post will help.

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Just an update, ive tried using less ram, more ram, ive tried to install the modpacks on the vanilla launcher with no success, ive gone into java itself and adjusted a few things as well...all with no effect. Ive tried Voltz, Tekkit, Hexxit, and all of them give me the same issues...for the first month or so of hexxit it was fine, and that's what confuses me...i really would love to play, so if anyone has some way to help id appreciate it

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