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[1.0.5] | MCEmpire | PvE | 100 Slots, No Whitelist | Become a Hero!


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"The greatest role-play experience on Minecraft."

Are you ready to craft the strongest armor, and challenge the utmost difficult bosses? Are you ready to rule the lands of Alderaan by your own manyullyn fist? Now you can, with MCEmpire. Join today to begin the adventure of a lifetime in the classic Technic mod-pack: Hexxit.

Being the ever so gallant knight that you are, your righteous personality will surely cause you to inquire about the general law of the land, and we will most certainly abide, fair knight:

  • Respect any and all members of the government (staff)
  • No intentional maiming (Don't hurt people if an item does so. Report the item instead.)
  • No griefing the environment or towns (includes stealing from towns)
  • No bad language
  • Have fun

As well as the rules of the land, the government of Alderaan has restricted a fair few items to protect the kind nobles and peasants of the land. The items that have been restricted are as follows:

  • Enderbow
  • Rift Blade
  • Buster Magazine (for Hunter’s Handgun)
  • Capsules (all)
  • Meteor Summoners
  • Bag
  • Storage Crates

With one-hundred (100) player slots to satiate your yearning for comradeship on the lonesome road to victory, we will be able to hold all of your companions and more!

We also have many third-party factors (plugins) added to our lands that may be of some interest to a gallant knight such as yourself. A simplified list of these factors are:

  • Mineconomy
  • Towny
  • Mob Bounty
  • LogBlock
  • WorldGuard
  • GiantShop

Our server is open to all, and without the usage of a white-list, we guarantee your entry into Alderaan, as well as honorary citizenship of the land. There's no need to worry about downtime either, as we welcome new citizens 24 / 7, with the exception of our brave warriors who clean up the world from time to time. All you need to do is join, and you'll be the land's newest citizen. We're ready to welcome you. Come say hi!

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